Digital Humanities - as a field - is dedicated to using new digital tools and methodologies to ask new questions in the pursuit of Humanistic Scholarship. 

New tools and technology allow us to build digital projects that connect the work of scholarship with new audiences through maps, visualizations, and textual analysis. At the same time, engaging with computation forces us to rethink our own relationship to the digital world.  


The Isabella D’Este Archive

The Isabella D'Este Archive a multi-faceted digital environment for interactive study of the European Renaissance through thecorrespondence, collecting, diplomacy, music, and art patronage of Isabella d’Este.

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The Gail Project

The Gail Project is a collaborative, international public history project that explores the founding years of the American military occupation of Okinawa, inspired by a collection of photos taken in Okinawa in 1952 by an American Army Captain: Charles Eugene Gail.

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3D Saqqara

3D Saqqara harnesses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies and 3D modeling to explore the ritual and natural landscape of the famous cemetery of Saqqara, Egypt, through both space and time.

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