12/2/15 // DH Reading Group: Hypercities

Digital Humanities Reading Group

Hypercities: Thick Mapping in the Digital HumanitiesWednesday, December 2 (4 – 6 PM)
at Cowell Senior Commons Room

Join the Digital Humanities Working Group will meet to discuss Hypercities: Thick Mapping in the Digital Humanities by Todd Presner, David Shepard, and Yoh Kawano. Elaine Sullivan will lead our discussion about Hypercities and the impact of mapping on Humanities research.

We will be discussing two parts of the book: “Lexicon” (pp. 12 – 65) and “Mapping Events/Mapping Social Media” (pp. 140 – 183). You can order a copy of the book online or for the selected reading, email digitalhumanities@ucsc.edu.

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