2/21/2017 // Angel Nieves

3 – 4 pm in Humanities 210 
Angel Nieves: 3D Modeling and the Soweto Historic GIS project 

The Soweto Historic GIS Project is a multi-layered historical geographic information system that explores the social, economic and political dimensions of urban development under South African apartheid regimes (1904/1948-1994) in Johannesburg’s all-black township of Soweto. Soweto (an acronym for the South Western Townships), a creation of state power, was developed to house low-wage workers and to segregate black South Africans from white. The application of geographic methodologies to the study of the anti-apartheid movement reveals the complex spatial dimensions of violence, resistance, and freedom. The project examines the micro-geography of resistance and the layering of meaning and action between the apartheid state and township residents across its built form.

Angel Nieves (Hamilton College) will introduce us to this project and discuss the role of 3D can help to foster a social justice-based agenda for marginalized communities, particularly those in South Africa’s former all-Black townships.

This lecture will be followed by a Digital Humanities Happy Hour. Bring questions for Dr. Nieves and continue the conversation.

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