Understanding Virtual Reality

3/8/17 // Alan Craig

Wednesday, March 8 | 4 – 6 PM in Humanities 210 Alan Craig, “VR, AR, and the Brain”   Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are gaining traction in their use in education.  VR and AR offer unique affordances that are beneficial to teaching and learning.  This presentation will look at how we learn, and… Continue Reading 3/8/17 // Alan Craig

Map (c 1980) from the Soweto GIS Project

2/21/2017 // Angel Nieves

3 – 4 pm in Humanities 210  Angel Nieves: 3D Modeling and the Soweto Historic GIS project  The Soweto Historic GIS Project is a multi-layered historical geographic information system that explores the social, economic and political dimensions of urban development under South African apartheid regimes (1904/1948-1994) in Johannesburg’s all-black township of Soweto. Soweto (an acronym for… Continue Reading 2/21/2017 // Angel Nieves

Hands on (Digital) Humanities May 2016

5/3/16 // Hands on (Digital) Humanities: Craig Deitrich and Tara McPherson

Designing Digital Scholarship: Art, Feminism + the Digital Humanities A Lecture by Tara McPherson and Craig Deitrich Tuesday, May 3 | 4 – 6 PM Humanities 1, Room 210 Co-sponsored by the UCSC IGHERT Program, Film + Digital Media, HAVC, University Library, and Graduate Division. The story of the digital humanities is often narrated at a… Continue Reading 5/3/16 // Hands on (Digital) Humanities: Craig Deitrich and Tara McPherson

Anne MacNeil, April 14, 2016

4/14/16 // Anne MacNeil

Anne MacNeil, “A new breed of critical edition: the role of digital humanities in transforming music scholarship” Thursday, April 14  | 2 – 4 PM at Humanities 1, Room 202** co-sponsored by the Music Department, Italian Studies, and The Gary D. Licker Memorial Chair, Cowell College Anne MacNeil will give a demonstration of her digital… Continue Reading 4/14/16 // Anne MacNeil

11/12/15 // Hands on (Digital) Humanities: Miriam Posner

Head-and-Shoulder Hunting in the Americas: Exploring Lobotomy’s Visual Culture Miriam Posner Thursday, November 12, 2015 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm // 210 Humanities Co-sponsored by the University Library   Between 1936 and 1967, Walter Freeman, a prominent neurologist, lobotomized as many as 3,500 Americans. Freeman was also an obsessive photographer, taking patients’ photographs before their operations and… Continue Reading 11/12/15 // Hands on (Digital) Humanities: Miriam Posner